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About the Australia Post Graduate Program


Australia Post reaches more Australians than any other company - delivering to over 11 million households and helping over 1 million customers across our retail network.

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As technology continues to change our world, the needs of our customers and communities are changing with it. That's why we're changing too.

Our award-winning Graduate Program has been designed to help you grow your career in exciting and inspiring ways, while working in one of Australia's fastest-changing businesses.

You'll be joining a dynamic culture that values innovative ideas and personal growth. Where there's a real sense of possibility and opportunity for each of our graduates. Where you're supported from day one - as part of a tight-knit graduate group.

Whether it's through parcel or mail delivery, identity services, e-commerce solutions, payments or communications, our people are essential to delivering a better future for every Australian, everywhere, every day. At the same time, you'll be working on growing your own future - and realising first-hand just how much you're capable of.

If you like the sound of this, then you could be the perfect fit for Australia Post! Explore our website and stream options - and see how you could grow somewhere great.

Who we're looking for

Our graduates are people who:

  • Thrive on working in a fast-paced, changing environment
  • Can generate new, innovative ideas and solutions to help drive success in one of the fastest growing markets in Australia
  • Are highly motivated - and add something special to our diverse workforce.

Check out our Graduate Streams to see if we have a role that suits you.

Where you'll work

Our graduate roles are based at Australia Post Headquarters in Melbourne CBD, in our five-star green rated building.

Are you eligible?

To be eligible to apply for the Australia Post Graduate Program, you must:

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  • Have completed your undergraduate or postgraduate studies in the last 3 years, or currently be completing them,
  • Have Australian citizenship or permanent residency (including New Zealand citizenship) at the time you apply.

Diversity & inclusion

We've been part of the community for over 200 years - and have a workforce of over 35,000 employees. We believe our people are the heart of our business and reflect the diverse community that we reach every day. To us, diversity is about attracting and retaining talented people who bring a broad range of skills, experiences, leadership styles and capabilities.

How the Australia Post Graduate Program works

As a graduate, you'll participate in a structured two year program and undergo three eight-month rotations - exposing you to both business-as-usual activities and standalone projects. You will experience various business rotations within the stream you apply for.

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Australia Post Graduate Streams

Business Generalist

If you're a motivated individual looking to make a real contribution, this stream could be for you. You'll get a breadth of experience - and be given plenty of opportunity to grow in various areas of the workforce.

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Generalist graduates will build an extensive understanding of our parcel, mail and retail networks - along with the well-rounded experience that comes with working on some of our most exciting projects. In the generalist stream, you'll be able to move around the business and work across a variety of areas and roles - which means there are endless opportunities where you could grow. You might find a career path you hadn't even considered before now.

A Generalist graduate will:

  • Undertake project planning and management of activities for one of our enterprise strategic priorities, programs or projects
  • Complete business analyst activities - such as cost benefit analysis, value proposition, change impact assessments, idea briefs, process mapping and stakeholder engagement
  • Undertake market research and develop data insight, identifying trends using business information and data
  • Formulate strategies and recommendations for business opportunities and problems through engagement with stakeholders
  • Develop a deep understanding of particular business areas (e.g. through site visits and engagement with operations, customer engagement, stakeholder consultation and research)
  • Help identify and roll-out optimisation opportunities for our network and business activities - focusing on areas like business efficiency, customer and service performance
  • Perform regular reporting to enterprise forums and preparation of business cases
  • Build and manage relationships with key stakeholders across a variety of HR and business teams.

A Generalist graduate should:

  • Be adaptable, resilient and flexible in a changing - and often unstructured environment
  • Be a skilled planner, with great organisational skills
  • Have the ability to work in a complex matrix organisation, across a variety of different business streams/projects - often with multiple reporting lines
  • Have strong problem solving, conceptual thinking and analysis skills
  • Have a keen desire to build on their commercial acumen and deepen their understanding of the area of the business they rotate through - including its network, customers and relevant products
  • Be willing to learn new skills and capabilities needed for their role on a project or program
  • Be comfortable with leading change and innovation - and helping to bring others along with those changes
  • Be able to drive for results and improve ways of doing things, to optimise our network and do more for our customers.

Whatever your background - Arts, Business, Commerce, Economics, Science, Communications, Law, Management or Marketing - this stream has room for you to grow.

Human Resources (HR)

It's our people who love delivering - and who sit at the heart of our business.

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Australia Post was Australia's first equal opportunity employer. And we're looking for bright young minds who are passionate about shaping the employee experience in one of Australia's most trusted brands.

Human Resources at Australia Post consists of two teams - the first are the HR teams that partner with business units to drive key workforce programs and projects. The second are the Centre of Excellence (COE) HR teams that work on broader enterprise initiatives - and cover things like culture, leadership, talent, workplace relations, safety, diversity and inclusion, recruitment and transition, remuneration and benefits, and metrics and performance.

As a HR graduate, you'll work closely with Business Leaders, HR Business Partners and other COE teams - to facilitate people strategy and planning processes, while integrating the various initiatives from existing COE teams. In the past, HR graduates have worked on a broad variety of projects - such as rolling out and embedding the Australia Post Group shared values, refreshing the enterprise wide recognition and reward program Applaud, managing the annual employee engagement survey say2action, and supporting the design and implementation of our senior leadership programs.

A HR graduate will:

  • Undertake project planning and management activities for one of our enterprise initiatives - such as enterprise engagement, recognition programs, safety areas of focus, culture initiatives or business unit specific workforce projects
  • Provide guidance and support to a subset of the workforce around key people elements, including policy advice, process management and HR related enquiries
  • Coordinate and roll-out initiatives from our Centres of Excellence to areas of the workforce - from supporting talent reviews and people planning, to learning and development and change management
  • Build and manage relationships with key stakeholders across a variety of HR and business teams
  • Provide input into workforce analytics and metrics as part of business reviews and reporting
  • Support people activities within our business areas - including recruitment and selecting talent to support our enterprise priorities.

A HR graduate should:

  • Have great organisational skills
  • Be adaptable, resilient and flexible in a changing and often unstructured environment
  • Be able to work in a complex matrix organisation across a variety of different business streams/projects - often with multiple reporting lines
  • Have strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Be responsive to customer needs and have a solution-focused attitude to workplace challenges
  • Be able to build and manage stakeholder relationships and relate to others
  • Be confident with coaching, advising and guiding employees
  • Confidently prioritise, influence outcomes and drive for results
  • Have a high degree of conceptual thinking and analytical skills.

If you've always been interested in people - and in the ways we relate to each other and work together - then the Human Resources stream could be the ideal platform to grow your career. Human Resources applicants are likely to have Business Management, HR, Psychology, Business or Commerce undergraduate qualifications.

Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications play an integral role in communicating Australia Post's brand, services and products, both internally and externally.

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Maintaining, servicing and determining the value that these products and services provide is an important function for the business. This includes spotting new opportunities to make life easier for our customers - and communicating the key benefits of these out to the market, while maintaining our strong brand positioning.

Graduates in the Marketing and Communications stream may be exposed to rotations within any of our Marketing teams and Corporate Communications teams.

A Marketing and Communications graduate will:

  • Undertake end-to-end project management and campaign development, execution and evaluation
  • Perform research and analysis on customer segments and strategies, including public affairs
  • Provide integral input into strategy formulation and product development
  • Undertake an account or product management role for local and national community partners - ensuring linkages across the business are developed and brand equity is built
  • Write briefing documents for senior management and external agencies for campaign development, media, government and the community
  • Lead revenue growth initiatives for key products within the business
  • Monitor budgets and provide reports to senior management
  • Undertake project planning and management activities for key external events - both for enterprise-wide and specific business units initiatives
  • Ensure the brand of Australia Post is not only protected in the eyes of our customers, community and workforce - but that it's improved.

A Marketing and Communications graduate should:

  • Be confident to think creatively and provide innovative solutions
  • Be able to analyse and interpret data and research
  • Have a strong attention to detail
  • Confidently solve problems and think conceptually
  • Have strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Approach every customer challenge with a focus on solutions that meet the needs of those customers.

Applicants for this stream could have a background in Marketing, Communications, Media, Public Relations, Business or Commerce. If you're interested in growing a career that encompasses product development, customer insights, company and community brand, campaign management and communications then you'll be a valuable individual in this stream.


Finance saves money, makes money, and optimises the way Australia Post performs as an enterprise.

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The Finance team support a range of stakeholders - including the Australia Post Board, Executive Committee, managers and their teams. Being a centralised service function, we closely collaborate with all areas of the business - from retail outlets and network operations, to IT and people management.

As a graduate in this stream, you might also find yourself interacting with external bodies such as the Australian Tax Office, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Auditor General and the Federal Government.

A Finance graduate will:

  • Report and analyse business performance (eg. retail performance, customer sales activity, cash flow and project profitability, etc.)
  • Interact with other teams across the organisation to understand business activities and performance - and provide relevant reporting to stakeholders
  • Reconcile actual performance costs with budgets, targets and forecasts
  • Conduct transactional analysis and general ledger reconciliation
  • Prepare monthly transfer and accrual journals
  • Identify areas to improve and optimise our processes
  • Perform a detailed view of a large organisation's complex information management system and end-to-end accounting and financial processes, including auditing, reporting, budgeting, planning and forecasting.

A Finance graduate should:

  • Demonstrate problem-solving and conceptual thinking skills
  • Possess strong analytical skills (measuring and assessing data to provide insights)
  • Have a good understanding of broad business principles - including frameworks and techniques for performing business activities
  • Be a self-starter with a strong customer focus
  • Be able to scope activity, agree expectations, manage time and prioritise tasks
  • Have strong written and verbal communication skills.

There's plenty of room at Australia Post to grow a great career in Finance - and if you have a keen eye for detail, have strong analytical skills and have a desire to make an impact on the future of an Australian icon, the Graduate Program is a great place to start.

Information Technology (IT)

There's never been a more exciting time to be a part of our IT team - as Australia Post's digital strategy sees us embracing newer, more innovative ways of doing things.

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The IT team uses insights to make data-driven decisions that improve our digital and business strategies. Beyond this, they design, implement, manage and evolve our digital assets, platforms, capabilities and culture - which continues to become an increasingly integral part of the way we do business.

As an IT graduate, you'll work on exciting projects that encourage you to think outside the box - changing the way we do business, and growing your own career as well.

An IT graduate will:

  • Gain invaluable experience within a large, Australian corporation with an extremely valued and trusted brand
  • Build on your IT experience through hands-on use of range of information technology tools - and how we apply those to business situations
  • Provide back end system support and programming
  • Help to create and manage innovative solutions - so Australia Post can deliver products and services that our customers can't live without
  • Provide services to business units, answering queries and sharing information with direct business contacts. The role will also give you the chance to learn how IT adds value to business areas - supporting the products and services we provide to our customers.

An IT graduate should:

  • Demonstrate problem-solving and conceptual thinking skills
  • Have a good understanding of broad business principles, including frameworks and techniques for performing business activities
  • Be a self-starter with strong customer focus
  • Be confident to scope activity, agree expectations, manage time and prioritise tasks
  • Have strong communication skills.

Information Technology applicants may have, but are not limited to, IT undergraduate qualifications.

If you're interested in driving innovation, understanding the needs of our customer, contributing to a customer-centric IT operating model and helping to lead the digitalisation of Australia Post, you'll have plenty of room to grow here.


As we rely more and more on technology, our Digital teams have an integral part to play in creating and managing compelling digital experiences - all of which excite and delight our customers.

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It's an exciting time for Australia Post - as the digitisation of our economy significantly changes the way we do business.

Working in Digital involves building and maintaining the online and mobile products and services used every day by our customers - including the MyPost Digital Mailbox, parcel tracking tools, mail redirection online, bill payments and our online store. Graduates in this stream also help to accelerate product development, drawing on a customer-focused, iterative and adaptive way of working.

A Digital graduate will:

  • Be exposed to innovative projects, developed using agile development methodologies
  • Help deliver and maintain the digital platform which products and services will sit within - including single sign on, commerce engine, analytics, content management and infrastructure
  • Be involved in the full software development process from start to finish - as well as different software languages and platforms
  • Play a part in innovation to generate new business growth, and contribute to the implementation of new and improved digital solutions
  • Identify areas of optimisation and enhancement across our digital assets - and help to make those activities happen
  • Perform business analysis, fact finding and data gathering for input into strategic and operational activities.

A Digital graduate should:

  • Demonstrate problem-solving and conceptual thinking skills in an analytical role
  • Have a solid understanding of broad business principles - including frameworks and techniques for performing business activities
  • Be a self-starter with strong customer focus
  • Be adaptable to change and an iterative/agile way of working
  • Be able to scope activity, agree expectations, manage time and prioritise tasks
  • A real knowledge of the digital industry and practises would certainly be an advantage - but isn't essential.

If you were the sort of kid who loved exploring the latest technological innovations, there's every chance you'll be able to realise those passions in the Digital stream. Applicants could have a background in Business, IT, eCommerce or Computing, with a keen interest in the digital world - and helping to move Australia Post forward in that world.

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How you'll grow here

Our main goal is to help you grow. As a leader, as a thinker - and as a person. We want to foster that same sense of optimism and wonder you had when you were younger - and help you use that to push yourself further in your career.

To do that, we follow the 70/20/10 rule - which involves a combination of formal and informal development methods.

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Learn on the job (70 per cent)

The best experience you can get happens when you're already at work. And you'll have the chance to make your mark at Australia Post - by getting involved in a range of projects, and working towards real objectives.

Make connections (20 per cent)

Forming solid working relationships is key to your success, so we offer great networking opportunities as part of your development. You'll have the chance to meet with senior management - while receiving ongoing feedback from your manager, and taking part in a buddy and mentor program.

Alumni and current graduates who know exactly what it's like to be in your shoes will also be close by for extra support when you need it.

Formal training (10 per cent)

Some things are best learned when taught by others, which is why we dedicate a portion of your development to formal training - including technical training that's relevant to your role and full day workshops that focus on developing soft skills like effective communication, presentation skills and more.

Q&A withNatalie

Natalie Appathurai
Head of Marketing eCommerce Delivery
2009 Graduate Program

Natalie Appathurai's career has grown in leaps and bounds since she first joined the Australia Post Graduate Program in 2009. Coming on board through the Marketing and Communications stream, Natalie remembers the sense of community that was shared between the graduates from day one. Read more

"There was a genuinely energizing and supportive culture - not to mention a good sense of friendly competition!"

Natalie's time in the Graduate Program led her straight into a permanent role as a Marketing Communications Coordinator in Australia Post's Mail Marketing division. Even after she'd started working in this first position she saw there were still plenty of opportunities to develop her skills alongside the other graduates.

"When you're coming through the Program, Post help you build those general business skills - so you have a better sense of how the business works and how you fit into the bigger picture. You have plenty of exposure to different senior leaders and other areas of the business - which really helps you grow your confidence and your social skills".

That first role set the course for Natalie's growth into new marketing positions in different parts of Australia Post - while a secondment as part of a change management team under the General Manager gave her some invaluable exposure to the broader business.

From there, Natalie progressed into Marketing for Australia Post's Parcels & eCommerce division - and over the past five years, she's grown into her current role as the Head of Marketing eCommerce Delivery.

Natalie recalls knowing the sort of person she wanted to be in her career quite early on - someone who could be counted on, who worked hard, and who people wanted to work with. And she credits the Graduate Program with helping her grow into that person.

"I matured a lot, and learned to become more resilient and more confident. You're put out of your comfort zone, and this helps you become more aware of who you are, what motivates you - and what you're capable of."

Have questions?

Keep up-to-date with all the latest information about our Graduate Program on our Facebook page here. You can also communicate directly with our graduate recruitment team while you're there.

We’ve put together a Frequently Asked Questions guide PDF for you, but if you have other questions and want to email us, send your questions to - and we'll be in touch.

Q&A withJason

Jason Stevens
Business Analyst
2015 Graduate Program

Jason Stevens has loved playing with computers since he was young - so it's only natural that he'd find himself working in the digital domain. But he was surprised to discover he could use those technological skills in an exciting, dynamic career at Australia Post.

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"I knew I wanted to work in customer-facing tech and IT", Jason recalls. "But it wasn't until I went and spoke with the Australia Post team at a careers fair that I realised they did that sort of work!"

Joining the Digital stream of the 2015 Graduate Program, Jason found himself playing an active role in some of Australia Post's most significant projects from his very first day - learning firsthand how business and technology intersect.

And as one of only three other Digital graduates, Jason recalls feeling like part of a close-knit community - rather than feeling like he was in competition with the other graduates, or starting out at the bottom of the ladder.

"Everyone's on the same page in digital. It's about being put into a team - and working out how to be the best possible asset for the team."

While Jason was drawn to the way Australia Post were providing innovative solutions for their customers, it was the culture that made the choice to grow his career at Post an easy one.

"It was nice and relaxed, and good fun from day one. Post's greatest assets are definitely its people. There are no egos - everyone just wants to do great work."

Today, Jason works as a Business Analyst for one of Australia Post's agile web teams. With a focus on the MyPost platform and online shopping, Jason and his team operate on a fortnightly release cycle to make a more immediate impact on customers' lives - with an open feedback channel giving customers a chance to have their voices heard in return.

In the few years since he started in the Digital graduate stream, Jason's already grown his career in exciting directions - and is doing genuinely exciting and innovative work in a field he's so passionate about.

The Applicationprocess

There are a few steps you'll need to take to apply for our Graduate Program - and to begin growing your career at Australia Post. Applications are open 19 February 2018 to midnight AEST 18 March 2018 for the 2019 Graduate Program.

But before you start your application, make sure you check out our eligibility criteria.

Step 1: Online application Read more

To help make sure you are a good fit for us and vice versa, our online application form includes questions about:

  • Your academic results and achievements
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Future aspirations


  • Submit your application as early as possible - our system can become very busy just before the closing date.
  • Your application is your 'brand', so make sure you've thoroughly checked it for spelling and grammar.

Step 2: Online testing & video interview Read more

If you're successful after the online application stage, you'll be asked to complete an online test - where you can demonstrate your verbal, numerical and cognitive skills..

You'll also be invited to participate in an online video interview. This is a one-way recorded interview, where you'll be asked a number of behavioural questions, and your response will be recorded.

Step 3: Assessment centre Read more

Once you're shortlisted through our online and video assessments, we'll invite you to our corporate offices to participate in our assessment centre exercise. Along with getting the chance to meet some of our managers and graduates, you'll be asked to participate in a variety of activities - including a group case study activity.

(Please note if you are travelling from out of state, you will be responsible for all travel arrangements and any costs incurred.)


  • Book your session as soon as you receive our email - a 'first come, first served' basis applies to scheduling.
  • Bring copies of your academic results and proof of Australian or New Zealand citizenship (birth certificate) or permanent residency (passport) for us to keep.
  • Dress in business attire.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time so you can register with us.

Step 4: Behavioural interview Read more

The next step is the final interview - where you'll get another opportunity to meet our managers face-to-face. This interview assesses certain skills and abilities that are important to our business.


  • Dress in appropriate business attire.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time so you can register with us.
  • Prepare for your behavioural interview by thinking of relevant past situations where you've solved problems or achieved success at school, work or during volunteer activities.
  • Use the STAR technique - What is the Situation or Task? What Actions did you take? And what were the Results?
  • If you feel nervous (it happens to all of us!) just take a few deep breaths. The process is not intended to 'grill' you, but to give you the opportunity to show us who you are.

Step 5: Employment offer Read more

After some final routine and reference checks, we'll make an employment offer to the successful candidates. Between then and your start date, we'll send you information updates on what to expect - and organise an event so you can meet some of your team.


  • Please read the employment offer thoroughly and call us if you have any questions.
  • Sign the contract and return it to us ASAP.
  • Give us any updates to your contact details especially email addresses and mobile phone numbers.
  • Don't forget to celebrate your wonderful achievement!